What We Do

uStock now offers 3D Models: 3D colour digital models of monuments or objects with dimensions ranging from a couple of centimeters to several meters. Our 3D models are very accurate, highly realistic and can be used in different ways:

Interactive visits either with specific viewers or online, generation of videos or still photos from points of views that cannot be accessed any other way, dimensional measurements (length, surface volume) insertion into the 3D landscape of projects which have been 3D-modelled with classical CAD software, and even creation of solid 3D models with 3D printers.

3D Models

→ Initial shooting : 10 to 5000 high resolution photos

→ From an aerial platform or a ladder or even with a macro-lens

→ Computing time : 3 hours to 3 weeks

→ 3D model resolution : 0.1mm

→ Covered area : a few square centimeters to several square metres

→ Number of vertices : 50.000 to several millions

→ Absolute dimensional accuracy : depends on resolution

Project preparation

This phase is essential to project’s success. When shooting parameters (focal length, pixel resolution, pixel count….)